Elizabeth Marriot: Judge weighs releasing documents in the presumed murder of N.H. student

This undated family photo shows Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott. AP Photo/Britney Atwood

(CBS) -- A judge is considering requests from several news organizations who are asking authorities to release documents relating to the arrest of Seth Mazzaglia for the murder of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marriot, reports the Foster's Daily Democrat newspaper.

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Mazzaglia, 29, has been charged with Marriot's murder, though the body of the 19-year-old Univesity of New Hampshire student has not yet been found.

According to the Daily Democrat, police believe that Marroiot was either strangled or suffocated inside Mazzaglia's apartment on Oct. 9, the night she went missing.

Attorneys for the state argued in a brief that if the affadavits in the case are released to the public there is a "substantial chance" that the investigation could be compromised, according to the New Hampshire Union-Leader.

The newspaper reports that in the objection to the news media's requests, Assistant District Attorney James C. Vara wrote: "These documents reveal facts that are truly known to only a few individuals, and release of this information to the general public prior to the completion of the grand jury process and prior to indictment would provide the target(s) of this investigation with an opportunity to coordinate testimony with potential witnesses."

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