eFax Mobile App Sends Faxes from Your iPhone

Last Updated Nov 10, 2010 7:16 PM EST

Hey, is that a fax machine in your pocket? It is if you're carrying an iPhone stocked with the new eFax Mobile app. To send a document, all you do is snap photos of it, choose one or more recipients from your address book, and then hit Send. How secret-agent-cool is that?

eFax, of course, is one of the granddaddies of Internet services, but it always relied on your PC for viewing and/or sending faxes. The app makes the service mobile -- not just for sending faxes, but also for viewing and searching them. Take a look:

There are some limitations here, of course. For starters, eFax Mobile can't send documents already stored on your iPhone; you have to snap photos of a paper document. (The app will combine multiple pages into a single fax, and does let you attach photos.)

What's more, to send documents at all, you must be an eFax Plus subscriber. As a grandfathered-in eFax Basic customer, I can only view faxes I've received. (That's still pretty good; frankly, I'm amazed my freebie number still works after all these years.)

Bottom line: if you're an eFax customer, this is a must-have app. If not, or you want a more flexible fax-from-your-iPhone solution, check out MobileToolz.

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