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Editorial: Obama's Fresh Outlook Will Bring Necessary Change

This story was written by Editorial Board,
Both presidential candidates claim they will change the way business is done in Washington, but only Democratic Sen. Barack Obama convinced us that, yes, he can. Not only that, his public service, tenacity and views on the issues tell us how we can, too.Obama can pull America out of its slump. Today's problems like the Iraq war and the financial crisis resulted from the same good ol' boys running the government. We need someone who has not been completely indoctrinated into those policies, with a new, fresh perspective. Obama is that person.If elected he would be America's first baby boomer president, and while it might be true that McCain has more Washington experience padding his resume, that just means he's stuck in his ways. Obama offers new possibilities.His diverse and international life experience is a huge plus. He has worked in a lot of different positions, everything from a lawyer to teacher and director of Project Vote, prior to becoming a senator and picked up abilities that will help him serve our country. Obama posesses an intuitive sense of the wider world. Most of America's challenges are global, so America needs a president with that sense of the world helping us become better.This Democrat has a straight no-nonsense ability to get to the point that excites us. His approach to the elections is an antidote to the mud-slinging toxic approach of previous elections. With such examples as Obama's quick-witted answers to debate questions he demonstrates time and time again that he thinks on his feet. When Tom Brokaw asked if Russia was an evil empire, all McCain had to say was maybe while Obama was able to come up with an answer. Also he thinks things through, seeks advice and actually listens to it. The general consensus in the Democratic party was for Obama to tie McCain to Bush. And he did. This is the kind of politician we need in office: the kind that has more than just a fleeting acquaintance with the truth and reality.And he shows just how grounded he is by criticizing McCain's proposal to have the government buy bad home loans so they could reduce foreclosures. Asking the government to pay the full face value of loans that are worth much less is ridiculous. The banks won't take a loss but we taxpayers certainly will.Another issue that Obama is tackling the right way is healthcare. He recommends mandatory coverage for children, and would require employers to share the costs of insuring workers. The package would cost us $65 billion a year -- which is a lot -- but in the long run the savings would add up. And the best part of Obama's plan is that he wants to raise the taxes on the wealthier families to foot the bill.There is no doubtBarack Obama is the best candidate for president. His vision, patience and fortitude promise to put America back on the track to recovery. But, in addition to all of his smarts and energy, his greatest gift is his ability to inspire.And inspire us he has. With Obama as president we know that not only can we do anything, we will.
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