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Editorial: Obama Best Person To Lead After Failed Bush Policies

This story was written by Editorial Board, Pipe Dream
This, for many of us, is the first presidential election in which we will be voting. Not for nothing have voter registration movements been one of the biggest tools of this years campaigns. Now, more than in even recent elections, we need to take a critical look at our country and assess our positions.Pipe Dream has decided to back the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, to be the next president of the United States.The Bush administration, no matter what your feelings about it are, has given us eight years of a certain set of policies and issues. Were now faced with a relatively serious decision, and as one of the most traditionally underrepresented age cohorts, its time that we sit up and take note. Obama has come a long way over the course of this election season, and he has given us some tangible evidence that he possesses the ability to take control of what has become a disappointing decade in American history.We have two wars that look less than promising, a global economic crisis that made Alan Greenspan admit mortality, little hope for our own future IRAs and Social Security programs, and a health care system that seems to get worse in direct proportion to the number of lead toys and tainted foods weve imported from China.Welcome to the new millenium. Eight years in, perhaps it is time to face the facts and accept that right now, change, whatever that may mean, is considerably better than our known quantities. You may not love Barack Obama, but John McCain has time and time again failed to meet expectations and has contributed to the destruction of respectable campaigning in American elections at large.Since the national conventions, Obama has run like a man who thinks of himself as a future president of the United States, while McCain has treated the election like a farce, a sentiment made glaringly apparent in each candidates selection of a running mate. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin can hardly be compared without creating a juxtaposition that is painful to observe.As students looking to enter the job market in the near future, we see that Obama has presented visions of change that look to leave us at least slightly better off than a refrigerator box on the corner of Court and State Street. McCain has only recently acknowledged that our economy has problems.No matter your upbringing or typical political alignment, as our dear leaders are fond of saying, we need to reach across the aisle. If our politicians cant rise above petty partisan quarrels, then its our responsibility, as the citizens electing them, to do it ourselves.This election is too important to ignore.
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