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Edit Mail Attachments on Your iPhone with Quickoffice

I was on the bus last week without my laptop, but I needed to make a few changes to a Word file and send it to a co-worker. Even with my trusty iPhone, that has been something of a challenge. But last week, Quickoffice released an important update that lets you edit e-mail attachments on your iPhone -- with a catch.

Back in April, I told you about Quickoffice for the iPhone. It was a great little app that let you edit Word and Excel documents. At the time, though, I complained bitterly that it was just too hard to get Office documents onto the iPhone to begin with, since Quickoffice couldn't open e-mail attachments. That's been fixed in the latest Quickoffice update, mostly.

To get to your attachments, you need to jump through a one-time authentication hoop of validating any e-mail addresses you use on your iPhone. Then, when you get an e-mail with an attachment you want to edit, you need to forward the e-mail to Quickoffice's special e-mail address. A few minutes later, the attachment shows up in Quickoffice, ready to rock and roll. It's more trouble than I'd like, but it does work, effectively allowing you to edit any Word documents you get as attachments on your iPhone.

What about you? Do you edit documents on your iPhone (or other phone)? Do you even want to, or is the display too small and controls too wonky? Sound off in the comments.

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