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Economics On The Campaign Trail

This story was written by Jake LaBombarbe, UWIRE
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As the first payments of the United States governments $700 bailout are being issued, investors, politicians, and people the world over are concerned if the bailout will be enough to halt a worldwide recession. The McCain and Obama campaigns have brought their economic ideas to Americas political table. Sen. Barack Obama spoke in Ohio about his plans for relief for middle class Americans while VP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin touched upon the economic crisis in her first visit to North Carolina. Lecturers and panelists from schools such as MIT and the University of Miami continue to discuss the state of the economy and which of the two candidates will be better suited for the task at hand. With less than 3 weeks until the election, voters will have to decide if McCains tax cuts will drive the economy further in its downward spiral, or are the relief programs of Obama too expensive and risky for the average American.

Obama talks economics with Toledoans

With the current economic crisis affecting everyone from Wall Street brokers to graduating college students, Toledo residents expected to hear financial solutions from Sen. Barack Obama at Mondays political rally.Full Story from The BG News

America in V recession according to MIT professor

America is in a V recession, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor said Thursday, meaning that the economy will face a sharp drop followed by a quick rise. Full Story from the Montana Kaimin

Economic crisis overshadows foreign policy issues

The events of the last month have superseded any factors that election forecasters could have taken into account.Full Story from the Iowa State Daily

U. Miami panel discusses presidential candidates impact on economy

In an interview with CNBC in August, investor and businessman Warren Buffet said, You dont know whos swimming naked until the tide goes out. Right now, Wall Street is a nudist beach. Buffet was fittingly quoted by Carlos Asilis, a specialist in global emerging market equities and managing partner at Glovista Investments, at a panel discussion held at the University of Miami School of Business Administration Tuesday night.

The discussion was titled The Economic Crisis: How the Presidential Candidates Will Change the Future of Our Economy and was a part of A Dialogue for Democracy, a series of events aiming to inform UM students about the key issues in the 2008 presidential campaigns.Full Story from the Miami Hurricane

Palin pushes economy, energy in first North Carolina visit

GREENVILLE, N.C. - Chants of drill baby drill, a country music performance and two U.S. senators helped create a convention-like buzz for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palins first appearance in North Carolina Tuesday.Full Story from the Duke Chronicle

Two Princeton profs, 10 alums sign McCain statement calling Obamas economic plan risky

A hundred economists, including two Princeton professors and 10 alumni, have signed a statement issued by the campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Tuesday, calling Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.s, economic proposals risky.Full Story from The Daily Princetonian

In a rush to fix the economy, candidates blame each other for crisis

Those avidly watching the rollercoaster ride that is the stock market had a chance to breathe a sigh of relief on Monday when the Dow rose 936 points marking the highest one-day rise ever for Wall Street. And although Tuesdays Dow dropped 77 points to 9,311, a decrease falling at less than 1 percent of the Dows total, North Carolina State University professor of economic John Lapp said it is likely the market will continue to improve both in resiliency and loan availability.Full Story from the Technician