Ebony Jackson, Okla. mom, found shot dead in trunk in St. Louis after baby found abandoned

Ebony Jackson (right)
CBS St. Louis

(CBS/AP) ST. LOUIS - Ebony Jackson, the mother of a 3-month-old child found abandoned in a St. Louis County apartment building, was discovered Tuesday shot to death in the trunk of her car after being reported missing last week, CBS St. Louis reports.

The St. Louis coroner's office announced Thursday that Jackson, 30, died of a gunshot wound to the neck. Her body was found in a car outside of a condemned house in north St. Louis, according to CBS St. Louis. Police continue to seek clues in her death.

Jackson is a former East St. Louis, Ill., resident who relocated to Oklahoma City. She and her 3-month-old son, Donovan Prom, were in the St. Louis area visiting family, CBS St. Louis reports.

A resident of the apartment complex in Breckenridge Hills found the baby in a car seat at 5 a.m. Friday, Jan. 4 and contacted police. Authorities say Jackson had no known connection to the apartment building.

The baby will remain in state custody until a paternity test confirms that Jackson's boyfriend, Craig Prom, is the father, CBS St. Louis reports.