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Early photos of Marilyn Monroe sell for $300K at auction

This 1946 file image was taken by photographer Joseph Jasgur and released by Julien's Auctions of Norma Jean Dougherty, who eventually changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. Joseph Jasgur,AP Photo/Julien's Auctions

(CBS/AP) Images and copyrights from Marilyn Monroe's first photo shoot sold for $352,000 at an auction that included items from Lady Gaga and John Lennon.

Pictures: Marilyn Monroe

The photos, taken in 1946 when she was still Norma Jeane Dougherty, were the highlight of the Beverly Hills auction known as "Icons & Idols," Julien's Auctions spokeswoman Caroline Galloway tells The Associated Press.

The photos come with negatives and the rare right to sell and distribute them. A judge in September ruled they must be auctioned to settle debts of photographer Joseph Jasgur.

A Lady Gaga dress sold for $31,250, and the prop gun used in her video for "Born This way" went for $7,680.

A 1969 caricature John Lennon drew of himself and Yoko Ono went for $90,000.

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