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Duchess of Cambridge visits London Bridge attack victims in hospital

LONDON -- The Duchess of Cambridge has visited victims of the London Bridge attack who are recovering in a hospital. 

Prince William's wife praised the efforts of staff at the hospital in treating victims from the rampage in which three men killed eight people in a vehicle and stabbing attack.

Police killed the three attackers. Dramatic footage of the deadly confrontation was later released by police. 

King's College Hospital shared several photos on Twitter Monday from the visit.

The former Kate Middleton met hospital staff members, many of whom treated victims of Khalid Masood, who mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer in March. 

She says: "To go through this sort of event twice, it is quite unprecedented."   

Emergency consultant Malcolm Tunnicliff praised Kate and other royals for visiting. Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall visited patients earlier.

He says "it is a massive lift."