Double-dose of sweet kicks, flips and tricks (on a BMX bike and skateboard)

(CBS News) We've covered some music and highlighted a creative short film endeavor on The Feed today, but haven't worked up a sweat yet. And by that I mean it's time to put the spotlight on sports. We kick things off with a sweet series of BMX bike tricks and a surreal setting above.

The oddly soothing video entitled "Luna Park Flatland BMX" was posted by Vimeo user InfinityList who writes:

Filmed at Luna Park, a Heritage Victoria registered Historic Amusement Park located on the beach in Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda, Victoria, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The park was opened on the 13th of December 1912 and has been operating continuously for the past 100 years....

Four local Melbourne Flatland riders Karl Hugues, Phillip Fruh, Andre Martin, and Chris Carver made it their playground for the afternoon and late into the night.......riding and reminiscing.

And we switch gears (ba-dump-bump!) from the bike to the board in an amazing video below from YouTube user RichieJacksonFC that displays the shredding skills of skateboarder William Spencer below. Two great videos highlighting mad talent from both boarders and bikers alike.