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Don't Even Ask

DON'T EVEN ASK.... CNN had an item yesterday about its latest national poll, and included this fascinating tidbit.

Is it fair to raise questions about her experience?"A majority of women say yes, but it's close; men are slightly less likely to see those questions as fair game," said CNN polling director Keating Holland.

Now, I suppose reasonable people can disagree about whether Palin has the requisite experience to hold national office, but CNN asked whether it was unfair to even ask the question in the first place. Apparently, millions of Americans think it is. That, for lack of a better word, is insane.

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog was understandably amazed.

Think about that for a moment. Sit down and ponder it. We are now seriously entertaining the notion that, in a democracy, it is unfair to ask whether a candidate for elected office is qualified to hold that office. Not whether the candidate's personal life is praiseworthy -- whether the candidate is qualified to hold the job.And we're so gulled by the GOP that half the country actually thinks it's unfair.

The American political landscape is exceedingly odd right now, isn't it?

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