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Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon changed his Florida voter registration this week

Donald Trump’s campaign CEO Steve Bannon is now registered to vote in Florida’s Sarasota County, according to public records.

Florida’s secretary of state’s office told CBS News that Bannon has been registered in Sarasota as of Thursday at an address in Nokomis, along the Gulf Coast. 

Records provided by the secretary of state’s office showed he had previously been registered in Miami-Dade County, as reported by The Guardian Friday morning. Its initial report said that he was still registered there, which was at an address where there is a vacant home that’s due to be demolished. The newspaper later updated its report, noting that Bannon is now registered in Sarasota. 

The new address under which Bannon is registered is a property owned by Andrew and Melissa Badolato. Andrew Badolato has written for Breitbart, where Bannon served as the chairman until Trump hired him last week as his CEO. Badolato has also worked with Bannon on the production of political films, according to The Guardian. 

A spokeswoman for Bannon and a spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately respond to requests from CBS News asking whether Bannon plans to vote in Florida in November’s election.  

The Guardian’s report said Bannon rented the Miami-Dade house for his ex-wife, but didn’t live there himself. Florida law requires its voters to live at a Florida address in the county where they’re registered, and submission of false voter registration information is a violation of Florida state code. The secretary of state’s office could not confirm whether Bannon had ever cast a ballot in Florida at the previous address. He has been registered in Florida since 2014. 

News about Bannon’s voter registration status in the key battleground state comes as Trump has warned his supporters about the election being “rigged” and advising them to act as poll-watchers on Election Day.

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