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Donald Trump: "We have the rights to use" Rolling Stones songs

Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine's chief national correspondent, has covered several candidates on the 2016 campaign trail
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Donald Trump is pushing back on the Rolling Stones' request that he refrain from using their songs on the campaign trail, saying that he and his campaign "have the rights to use them."

"You know, we use so many songs," Trump said in an interview with CNBC early Thursday. "We have the rights to use them. I always buy the rights."

Trump, who regularly walks on stage at campaign events to hit Stones singles, was responding to the rock band's statement Wednesday that they had never given his campaign permission to use their songs. In the letter to the campaign, the Stones "have requested they they cease all use immediately."

8 politicians scolded by musicians over song use
8 politicians scolded by musicians over song use

When asked about the issue by CNBC, Trump made sure to note that he and his campaign "have no problem" with the band.

"I didn't see that," he said of the Stones' request. "Certainly I have no problem. I like Mick Jagger. I like their songs."

At a Trump rally Thursday night, the Stones' song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," was played.

Political campaigns don't need musicians' express permission to use their songs on the trail, just as long as they obtain a blanket license under performing rights organizations like ASCAP or BMI. Some licensing associations, like BMI, can also make special exceptions for their artists and include provisions in artists' contracts that would allow them to exclude certain songs from the license.

The Stones aren't the only musicians prohibiting the Trump campaign from using their songs: pop singer Adele, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, and Neil Young have all objected to the campaign's use of their music during political rallies.

In those cases, Trump's campaign have honored the artists' requests.

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