Trump scarecrow stirs debate at elementary school in California

The scarecrow was placed at Santa Clarita Elementary School in Saugus, California.

CBS Los Angeles

SAUGUS, Calif. -- Some parents were up in arms after getting a look at a life-sized scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump at a school in southern California, CBS Los Angeles reports

The scarecrow was part of a seasonal competition at Santa Clarita Elementary School in Saugus.

A Facebook post on the Santa Clarita Community's watchdog page displayed an image of the scarecrow, along with text that reads in part: "No matter what your political affiliation is, this was 100% inappropriate for elementary students to see at Santa Clarita Elementary today!!" 

Another person commented: "Ouch. Wrong wrong. Kids don't need to be subject to this. No matter what these people think of our President, he IS our President and deserves respect for the position. It's not the educators position to encourage our children to disrespect anyone."

Some people did not find the scarecrow to be offensive.

One Facebook user wrote: "I'm fine with it. Left-leaning indoctrination has been occurring in every grade level, since, forever. Kids will graduate and quickly see that the real world doesn't play by elementary school rules."

The school says it conducts a scarecrow contest every year — class against class. 

The president of the school's Parent-Teacher Club, Sara Barsh, wrote: "I apologize if this is offensive. I do not believe it is the student's intention to be political."

One parent questioned why Trump looked scary, and said the other scarecrows in the contest appeared to be happy.

"We need to have respect for our president, and to allow young children to depict the president in that manner is disrespectful," another woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told CBS Los Angeles. 

Some parents have called for the teacher's firing. Others stood up for her, calling her an exceptional teacher.

One father said it was the kids' idea.

The school district says it has not yet had a chance to look into the incident.