Donald Trump on the stock market: "I think we're in a bubble"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested during a recent interview with "Face the Nation" that the recent turbulence in the stock market could spell trouble for the U.S. economy.

Extended interview: Donald Trump, February 14

"I think we're in a bubble, and I've been saying - I said it to you the last time I spoke to you before the markets - we're too reliant on China and Asia and other places, and I told you that the last time you interviewed me," Trump said. "And I've so far been very right."

"I've been right about a lot of things actually," he added. "I've been right about take the oil, hit the oil. But we are in a bubble. We're in a very bad bubble. We are very tied to China and to Asia. It's not a good thing."

In the interview, Trump also spoke with "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson about his performance in Saturday's CBS News Republican presidential debate, the upcoming South Carolina primary, and more. You can see more of his interview here.