Donald Trump gets the "Game of Thrones" treatment

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds an rally with supporters at the convention center in North Charleston, South Carolina February 19, 2016.


If you think Donald Trump is a divisive figure here in the U.S., you should see what the people of Westeros think of him.

Enterprising YouTuber Huw Parkinson super-imposed the GOP presidential front-runner into "Game of Thrones" series, pitting his opinions about immigration reform, border control and torture against the various heroes and villains of the hugely popular HBO series.

"Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies," Parkinson wrote.

You'd think that with the rampant violence and political backstabbing so common in Westeros, Trump would seem a bit mild by comparison, but you would be wrong.