Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle on the pizza chain's constant quest to innovate

Domino's Pizza CEO

Despite Domino's soaring stock price and booming business worldwide, CEO Patrick Doyle says they haven't figured everything out.

The U.S. pizza restaurant industry cooked up $44 billion in sales last year, but Wall Street is focused on the nation's number No. 2 chain, whose stock price went from $14 a share in 2010 to $197 today. The pizza chain delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day.

"We haven't gotten there. We haven't got everything figured out. We wake up every morning and see the problems in our business and then we go after fixing them," Doyle told "CBS This Morning." He's credited with reinvigorating the brand.

First, Domino's took a look at the pizza itself back in 2010. Once that was fixed, they moved on to the ordering process.

"We're just constantly looking at how can we improve the experience for somebody today and make it better than it was a year ago and if we do that we're going to grow the business," Doyle said.

Domino's Pizza's recipe for success

Doyle believes driverless cars will help with that and they're testing them now to see what works.  

"Transportation is going to change dramatically over the next ten years. A lot of people have been focused on how to use self-driving vehicles to move people around," Doyle said. "If we're looking out five years, we're clearly going to be seeing differences in how we're going to be delivering pizzas. We've got to start working on this. So for us, we're testing the last 50 feet." 

The company has already embraced technology and currently receives more than 60 percent of its orders digitally. There are 11 different digital options for ordering from Domino's including Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and Facebook Messenger.

Asked if he believes Domino's has the best pizza on the planet, Doyle said, "We do, but we're always looking to make it better."

The company is on track this year to surpass the country's No. 1 pizza chain -- Pizza Hut.

"We're going to sell one in seven pizzas in the U.S. tonight, we're maybe going to sell one in 15 around the world. There's so much growth for us in pizza, we're going to stick to what we're doing," Doyle said.