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Dog bitten by venomous snake at Connecticut state park rescued from mountain

“Highly venomous” snake removed from house
Police remove “highly venomous” snake from Florida home 00:49

A dog was receiving medical treatment after being rescued from a precarious hiking trail in Connecticut, where last week he suffered a venomous snake bite, according to animal control. 

The rescue from Sleeping Giant State Park required a team of multiple people, who carried the dog in a stretcher down an "extremely treacherous" part of the mountain, said Hamden Animal Control in a social media post shared on Wednesday. Known for its scenic overlooks and uneven, rocky terrain, the park is about 10 miles from New Haven. Although rescuers initially thought the dog had injured his leg, animal control said Friday that he'd actually been bitten by a copperhead snake.

"The dog that was rescued Wednesday at Sleeping Giant State Park was not injured, he was bitten by a copperhead snake!" Hamden Animal Control wrote in another post. "He was administered anti-venom and is being monitored. Let's all hope for a full recovery."

The dog named Raleigh belongs to New Haven resident Masahiko Seto, who had spent the day with his son and their pet at the state park, CBS affiliate WFSB reported. Animal control said the incident is a reminder for any potential visitors to be careful while at Sleeping Giant since Northern Copperhead snakes do live there.

Populations of the viper species are found in areas across the eastern United States, including in Connecticut, where they are concentrated in the central lowland region west of the Connecticut River, the state government writes in a description of the copperhead on its website.

Those snakes are mainly seen in Hartford, Middlesex, and New Haven Counties, according to that description, which adds that copperhead snake bites require medical attention as they can cause severe illness but rarely death in humans. How a smaller creature like a dog might respond to the venom was not immediately clear.

Hamden Animal Control noted that the landscape of Sleeping Giant State Park is ideal for the copperhead, one of two venomous snake species found in Connecticut with the other being the endangered timber rattlesnake. 

"Their habitat includes rocky hillsides, open woods, as well as edges of swamps and meadows," Hamden Animal Control said. "BE SAFE EVERYONE!" 

Barbara Godejohn, a supervisor at Hamden Animal Control, told WFSB that there are certain precautions people can take to avoid snake bites when visiting Sleeping Giant.

"Just be aware of where you're stepping before you step. Wear high top boots to protect yourself, they're low to the ground," Godejohn said. "Keep your pets close to you. This is something that's probably not avoidable. If you're going to take your pet hiking, make sure you have the proper equipment and maybe have a snake bite kit with you, if you know you're going to an area where venomous snakes are going to be."

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