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Adam Hartung

Adam Hartung

(Episode 496; 19 minutes 17) Disrupting the market is essential for the long term success of any company. Look at big businesses that have been around for a while. If they haven't reinvented themselves a few times they are probably struggling to survive.

Adam Hartung says it's because these companies are too focused on building on what they've already done. They might think they're focused on the customer, but they're not really. Fortunately this provides an opportunity for other companies to disrupt the market and, as he puts it, "leave the old giant sucking wind".

Adam is a regular blogger, a columnist for Forbes and CIO magazines and a senior partner in Vector Growth Partners. His latest book is called "Great Marketplace Disruption". On BTalk we look at the importance of disruption, and how Apple attacked Microsoft using this strategy.

To use Adam's words "shift happens!"