Did Husband-Wife Identity Theft Ring Lead to Murder? Dmitriy Yakovlev Charged

NEW YORK (CBS) Dmitriy Yakovlev, a 42-year-old Brooklyn man, was charged Thursday with murdering two people as part of a husband-and-wife identity theft ring, reported the New York Post.

Photo: Irina Malezhik, alleged victim of Dmitriy Yakovlev.

Yakovlev was viewed as a suspect in the death of a federal court translator, Irina Malezhik, after Yakovlev and his wife allegedly deposited checks drawn from the woman's account. Malezhik went missing on the same day the deposits were allegedly made, said the Post.

Yaklovlev's wife was not charged in the murders, said the newspaper, but husband and wife were both already facing charges they used a credit card with the missing translator's name to go on shopping sprees. Last year, the FBI searched the basement of the couple's Brooklyn home for the victim's body, but never reported finding anything.

According to The Post, the Brooklyn federal court also charged Dmitriy Yakovlev with the murder of Viktor Alekseyev, who disappeared in December 2005. Some of Alekseyev's remains were found in New Jersey in January 2006.