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Did court vacation lead to Cleveland woman's death?

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A 32-year-old Cleveland man is charged with murder in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend and CBS affiliate WOIO reports he could have been locked up prior to the murder if a court employee hadn't been on vacation.

Malorie Ferrell, 28, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at a Cleveland home shortly after midnight Tuesday morning. She was transported to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Authorities arrested her ex-boyfriend, Alberto Medina, soon after the murder.

Albert Medina Cleveland Police via CBS affiliate WOIO

According to WOIO, Medina had been charged with beating Ferrell in late August. He bonded out of jail on Aug. 26, a protection order was issued for Ferrell and Medina was ordered to check in with the Cuyahoga County court while he was out on bond.

On Sept. 2, during one of those check-ins, Medina tested positive for marijuana, according to the station. He was then ordered to see a probation officer overseeing his bond the next day, but he didn't show, reports the station.

A warrant for his arrest wasn't issued right away - instead, it was issued six days later - on the very morning that police believe Medina shot and killed Ferrell, according to the station.

A spokesman for the Cuyahoga Court reportedly told the station that the delay in issuing the arrest warrant was because the worker overseeing Medina's bond was on vacation.

The spokesman reportedly said that when a worker goes on vacation, the court does not have someone else take over that person's case load "due to the large amount of cases that are handled."

Neighbors tell the station that Ferrell worked as a nursing assistant and was a mother of three. They say the children were in the house at the time of her murder.