Dickerson: Romney back on offense

(CBS News) CBS News Political Director John Dickerson dissected the Romney campaign's recent attacks against President Obama for saying business owners "didn't build it" on their own.

Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," Dickerson said Romney is trying to portray the president as someone who doesn't understand small business owners.

"Romney has been talking about the president's remarks about small business, saying he just doesn't understand what you're going through - he doesn't understand the entrepreneurial spirit, no wonder his policies won't work. It's a way to get at fundamental views of America saying the other guy doesn't understand.

"It is working. A couple weeks ago, there were a lot of Republicans fidgety about Mitt Romney. This puts him back on offense. It allows him to bring in small business owners and point to them. They have passionate stories about pulling themselves up by their bootstrap. And those are the kinds of stories Romney's not very good at telling. We don't know how this will play out in the polls but it certainly has the president's campaign back on their heals. The president has an ad that says, 'Of course he supports small businesses.' So this is the Romney campaign back on offense after being on defense for a few weeks."

Dickerson noted that the president says his remarks are being taken out of context.

"Exactly and what the president is saying is that it takes a village, essentially, to use a cliche from a previous campaign, that no matter what you've done you've been helped bin you life whether it's by a teacher, by roads or by the policeman on the corner. What the Romney campaign is saying is that the president - if you look at the totality of his remarks - he said small business owners have an inflated sense of what got them there and that's what the Romney campaign is playing on."

Dickerson also talked about Romney's overseas trip to London, Israel and Poland, where he said he would not criticize the president while overseas.

"It allows him to go in front of people and look presidential. Even when he says he's not going to be critical of the president, that's being diplomatic on the foreign stage showing he can play the role of stagecraft that the president needs to play. (Watch Dickerson's full analysis in the video player above.)