Dickerson on the Ohio outlook for Romney and Obama

(CBS News) President Obama and Governor Romney are entering their final weekend on the campaign trail, with both sides ramping up efforts to win voters in the crucial battleground states.

CBS News political director John Dickerson joined "CBS This Morning" to talk through several possible scenarios that could unfold on Election Day next Tuesday. Dickerson noted that the Obama team will campaign in in all eight battleground states but that Ohio is critical for both candidates, particularly Romney. 

"If Governor Romney doesn't win Ohio, it just becomes very hard for him. So, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, [are] probably the big firewall for the president," Dickerson said, explaining that based on the states that Romney will likely win, he needs Ohio in order to to be comfortably within the range of the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

"Ohio is just a key state for him, because if he doesn't [win the state], he's got to pick up a lot of other states on the map...his path to 270 is so tough," Dickerson said.

Dickerson also added that Romney's strongest positions in the swing states are in North Carolina and Florida.

Turning to the swing state outlook for President Obama, Dickerson said, "the path for the president is better...you could even see a situation where if he lost Virginia -- let's give Virginia and Ohio and Florida to Romney...then if the president wins everywhere else, he gets well above 270."

Dickerson also addressed former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush's comments that undecided voters will decide the election, likely in Romney's favor.

"The mind of the undecided is essentially, they're frustrated with the president, they're not sure if he can handle the economy. They think Mitt Romney can. What worries them though...that he might pursue an aggressive conservative social agenda or an aggressive conservative foreign policy....they're not interested in that, they want to hire him on the economy," Dickerson explained.