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Derek Jeter talks to Jeff Glor in his first network interview since becoming Marlins CEO

Derek Jeter's first interview as Marlins CEO
Derek Jeter's first network interview as Marlins CEO 00:38

Derek Jeter spent 20 years with the New York Yankees before his final season as shortstop in 2014. But the superstar wasn't done with baseball. When the Miami Marlins were sold, a new ownership group took control in September with Jeter as CEO. Despite his success as a player, Jeter has faced plenty of criticism in his new role.

Jeter recently spent the day with "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor at Marlins Park in Miami. In his first network interview since becoming CEO, he talked about the challenges he has faced, and the changes made to the team.

Derek Jeter opens up about facing criticism as CEO of the Marlins CBS News

Derek Jeter: I think what surprised me the most -- contrary to popular belief -- is how welcoming everybody has been down here in Miami.

Jeff Glor: The narrative has been, "Derek's gutted the team, they have no chance this year, they aren't going to show up. What's he doing?"

Derek Jeter: Is that it? I try not to -- I try not to pay much attention to it but -- criticism is a part of it right? I mean, you get criticized when you're a player as well. The difference is, when you're a player you can go on the field and your performance can silence the critics. So I'm looking forward to when the season starts.

Glor also spoke to Jeter about his other new job -- being a father to his 6-month-old daughter, Bella. He also spoke with Marlins manager Don Mattingly, a former Yankees player and teammate of Jeter.

You can watch the full interview Tuesday, Feb. 13 on "CBS Evening News" at 6:30 p.m. ET. More will be on "CBS This Morning," Wednesday, Feb. 14.

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