NASCAR driver tosses head support device at fellow racer

BRISTOL, Tenn. - NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin got spun out and wrecked while racing as the leader by Kevin Harvick at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Hamlin later fired his HANS (or Head and Neck Support) device at Harvick's car as it passed under caution. The incident happened on the 161st lap. Hamlin had been leading, but Harvick was on his trail for some laps. As Hamlin continued, Harvick lost control of his vehicle and slid into Hamlin's, causing him to spin out, USA Today reported.

When he bounced off a wall, he was hit by Dale Earnhardt Jr. But once he collected all the material from inside his car, while on the apron, he threw the device .

Hamlin appeared to adhere to NASCAR's new rule of staying in your damaged car until safety crews arrive, and photos showed he was clearly on the apron when he banked the seat restraint off Harvick's car.

It was unclear whether Hamlin would face a penalty.