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Dems Call On Boehner To Apologize For "aggressive Remarks"

House Democratic leaders are circling the wagons around Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling for Republican Leader John Boehner to apologize for remarks he made about the speaker on Friday.

Both House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip James Clyburn have issued statements calling on Boehner to apologize. However, it is unclear what specific remarks they are calling on Boehner to apologize for, as neither leader's statement included references to a specific comment.

However, in an interview with Politico, Boehner did say the American people would "hang" Pelosi if she did not address the energy issue.

A Hoyer aide later told the Crypt that he was referring specifically to Boehner's "hang her" comments.

Pelosi has come under fire of late, as House Republicans have launched a protest on the House floor calling for Pelosi to call Congress back in session to vote on domestic oil drilling.

Hoyer said Monday he was “disappointed" to hear of Boehner’s "inappropriate comments," but  chalked them up to the fact that: "Republicans are clearly frustrated that the American public is not buying their Johnny-one-note energy policies of the past."

On Friday, Clyburn issued a statement calling on Boehner to apologize.

“I was disappointed to read Minority Leader Boehner’s aggressive remarks about another member of Congress," said Clyburn. "It seems that his anger is misdirected and I hope he will apologize for his remarks.