Delta, American hike fee to change flights

Unidentified woman tries to call American Airlines reservation center April 16, 2013, as she stands in line at Miami International Airport. A computer system used to run many daily operations at the carrier failed Tuesday, forcing the nation's third-largest airline and it sister carrier, American Eagle, to cancel or delay 2/3 of their flights

ATLANTA Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines have matched United's increase in the fee for changing a domestic-flight reservation from $150 to $200.

US Airways Group Inc. matched the increase last week.

United Continental Holdings Inc. has said that it incurs costs when a customer changes a reservation and the higher fee compensates for the cost.

Matt Miller with Fort Worth-based AMR Corp.'s American Airlines noted that American sells fares called "Choice Essential" and "Choice Plus" that allow customers to change reservations at no extra cost. The tickets cost more than a base economy fare, however.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co. does not charge a change fee.