Decorating For Grinchmas

The Grinch graced The Early Show Friday and freely reeled off decorating tips for (in his words) a Merry Grinchmas!

He traveled all the way from his lair at Grinchmas Universal's Islands of Adventure in the theme park in Orlando.

He started out reassuring co-anchors Russ Mitchell and Julie Chen, wishing them a "Merry Grinchmas" and saying they shouldn't worry because, "I took a flea bath before I came."

His first suggestion was his "latest and greatest Grinchy idea": a hairycane. It looks like a candy cane, but is covered with hair.

For "you folks out there with kids that are peeking into their presents," the Grinch advised "a nice ring of mousetraps around the tree. It works wonders!" He added, "A bear trap works for me."

The Grinch had a special offering for Santa: sour milk for his cookies: "He'll be greener than me!"

"Since I live at the dump," the Grinch continued, "I've created my new Grinchmas wreath -- made out of old tires. Check it out. Look, it's going to be a 'Good Year' " He was, of course, referring to the brand of tire.

Top it off with the Grinch doll: "What other star is bigger than me, baby? That's right! And I get 10 percent of the merchandise."

One last one: a tuna-and-onion cake. The Grinch assured Mitchell and Chen that it's "low in carbs."