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Debate Uncertainty

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(WASHINGTON) On the morning of the first presidential debate, it still remains unclear if the debate will even take place. As far as Barack Obama is concerned, it's still a go.

Despite drastically cutting down his debate prep to deal with the financial crisis, he will travel to Oxford, Mississippi early this afternoon. He is scheduled to do walkthrough of the debate site at the University of Mississippi at 1 pm.

Last night, Obama said the 90-minute debate is "the most important thing that John McCain and I can do," adding, "One of us is going to be in charge of this mess in 4 months and the American people, I think, not only have a right but have an obligation to find out where we want to take the country."

It still remains unclear whether John McCain will attend the debate. McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt told reporters last night that McCain is "excited and looking forward to these debates" but said that he is more concerned with what happens to taxpayers.

"The debate is important, but John McCain is fighting for 300 million Americans who face a terrible crisis right now. And he's going to continue to focus on that," Schmidt said.

After suspending his campaign on Wednesday, McCain said he would only attend the debate if an agreement on the bailout plan is reached by today.

Meantime, despite the uncertainty of McCain's attendance in Mississippi, his running mate Sarah Palin is scheduled to attend a debate watch party in Philadelphia tonight.

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