"I almost killed my co-star the second I met him"

The new CBS crime drama "Battle Creek" stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters, two mismatched police officers who not only fight crime, but also combat each other's unmistakably different personalities. Off the set though, Winters said the two share a "bromance" -- a relationship that got off to a shocking start.

"The first time I met Josh I was driving on to the lot in Manhattan Beach and I was lost and I was looking at my GPS and I literally came within two feet of running him over the first day," Winters said Wednesday" on "CBS This Morning." "I almost killed my costar the second I met him."

The series, aptly named for the once-thriving Michigan industrial town known as "Cereal City," was created by "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan, "Breaking Bad" producer Mark Johnson and "House" creator David Shore.

"It sounds kind of trite, but [Gilligan] was looking at a cereal box, and it was a Frosted Flakes box, and it said 'Battle Creek,' and he was like, 'That would be a great place to set a crime show -- Battle Creek, Michigan," Winters said.

Winter's character, Detective Russ Agnew, is the old-school, "Midwest home boy" from Battle Creek who is forced to work with Special Agent Milton Chamberlain (Duhamel) when he's brought in to reinvigorate the department.

"They bring in Josh's character who walks in and he's like a Greek god. It's like looking at Zeus walking through the door and he represents everything that I hate," Winters said. "It's the first buddy-cop show that I can think of where the two partners aren't buddies."