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Day 99: Obama Offers Encouragement To FBI

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
On his ninety-ninth day in office, President Obama told FBI employees Americans "are counting on you." He offered plaudits to the bureau and urged employees to stay "one step ahead of all who step outside of the law."

"With the attacks of 9/11, your mission became focused more than ever before on prevention, so that we have the capacity to uncover terrorist plots before they take hold," he said. "With the spread of new technologies you increasingly confronted adversaries in unconventional areas, from transnational networks to cybercrimes and espionage."

In a letter, the president also asked Congress for $1.5 billion to fight swine flu as concerns about domestic infection rates grew.

And he honored Teacher Of The Year Anthony Mullen in his first Rose Garden ceremony.

"I'm a big fan of teachers because every single day in classrooms all across America, you are making a difference," he said. "You don't always get the recognition that you deserve. We don't always value the teaching profession like we should."

With the president's 100th day imminent, check out CBS Evening News reporting on the milestone below.

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