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Day 91: Obama Holds First Cabinet Meeting, Thanks CIA

4957825On his ninety-first day in office, President Obama held his first full cabinet meeting, where he ordered Cabinet members to cut spending by $100 million.

The president acknowledged that such savings are rather insignificant in light of the hundreds of billions of dollars in red ink in the budget (more on that here), but he said that such moves are valuable "because they start setting a tone."

"$100 million there, $100 million here - pretty soon, even here in Washington, it adds up to real money," he added.

The president also thanked CIA employees for their service, noting that the last few days have been "difficult" because of his decision to release previously classified memos on the treatment of terror suspects.

"What makes the United States special and what makes you special is precisely the fact that we are willing to uphold our values and our ideals even when it's hard, not just when it's easy; even when we are afraid and under threat, not just when it's expedient to do so," he said.

Check out Chip Reid's CBS Evening News report on the president's day below.

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