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David Martin: McChrystal Could Actually Get 40,000 Troops

CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin said on "Washington Unplugged" Tuesday that General Stanley McChrystal should be able to make some progress against in Afghanistan thanks to the addition of new troops.

"I certainly think that that infusion of troops will allow us them to reverse the momentum of the Taliban in parts of the country at least," Martin said. He said that was especially true in Helman province, where the initial batch of troops will go as early as next week.

"The question is not can you go in and stomp the Talian," said Martin. "The question is can you go in and convince the local population that the Taliban is going to stay stomped after you leave."

Dickerson asked if the number of troops McChrystal will get from the surge will be enough to accomplish his goals.

Martin said that though McChrystal was granted 10,000 fewer troops than the 40,000 he originally asked for, there are an additional 3,000 available if needed – and NATO might send another 7,000.

"There you [have] 40,000," Martin reasoned. "So he is going to get almost everything that he wanted and he is going to get it faster that he originally thought he could get it."

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