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David Hasselhoff shows up on "Big Brother"

David Hasselhoff in Weston-Super-Mare, England, July 10, 2011. Getty

(CBS) David Hasselhoff just isn't going away. Even with "The Hasselhoffs" long gone this guy still has "Britain's Got Talent," Sunday's appearance on "Big Brother" and now "Same Name."

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In a plug for the aforementioned "Same Name," the Big Brother houseguests had to guess the name of a celebrity who will be appearing on the upcoming show. After some clues that seemed pretty easy, Jordan guessed David Hasselhoff was the celebrity.

And bingo! Hasselhoff showed up and told Jordan she and three friends get to watch the premiere of "Same Name" in a luxury space. Sounds like a dream come true!

(On "Same Name," the star - and that word should be in quotes - trades places with a person who shares his or her name. Will hijinks ensue?)

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