Dave Hits McCain For Suspending Campaign, Cancelling Appearance

David Letterman was none too happy that John McCain cancelled his appearance on the "Late Show" last night and he spent a good deal of the show hammering the Republican candidate for that – and for his decision to suspend his campaign temporarily.

"This doesn't smell right. … This is not the way a tested hero behaves," Letterman said. The late night host also had some things to say about McCain running mate Sarah Palin. "Let's say there's a time of crisis and the poor guy, because he's a little older," he said. "Then Sarah Palin takes over as president, well she ought to be ready because she's handled crisis like this in the past. Oh, wait a minute, she really hasn't handled a crisis like this in the past."

Letterman intimated that there is not a little political calculation involved with the move. "I'm more than a little disappointed by this behavior," he said. " 'We're suspending the campaign.' Are we suspending it because there's an economic crisis, or because the poll numbers are sliding?"

More Letterman: "Do you suspend your campaign? No, because that makes me think, well, you know, maybe there will be other things down the road –- if he's in the White House, he might just suspend being president. I mean, we've got a guy like that now!" Video below: