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Some Dallas schools screen kids for fever amid Ebola scare

DALLAS -- Electronic scanners to check for fevers are being rolled out at five Dallas schools where students are under an Ebola watch.

Several students who attended schools in the Dallas Independent School District had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the first man diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. Duncan died Wednesday at a Dallas hospital. The children are being monitored along with a number of other people who may have been exposed before Duncan was put into medical isolation. Officials say none of them are showing symptoms of the disease.

There's believed to be little risk to other children at the Dallas schools. Dallas school district spokesman Andre Riley says the fever-screening monitors are being set up in the school nursing stations and will be used to screen for fever any children who show signs of illness.

Unlike standard thermometers, the scanners being loaned to the district by Dallas-based Wello Inc. will allow nurses to screen students for fevers without touching them, eliminating the risk of spreading illness.

Riley says the monitors will remain in those schools for the next few weeks, CBS DFW reports.