Dallas Does Graceland

elvis sweepstakes winner, Annette Dallas
CBS/The Early Show
A huge Elvis Presley fan got the tour of her dreams earlier this week.

Annette Dallas, of Mesa, Ariz., and her husband were given a special look around Graceland, Elvis Presley's Memphis, Tenn., mansion.

Dallas won the grand prize in the "Discover Elvis Sweepstakes" held by The Early Show and TV Guide.

On Thursday, viewers of The Early Show got to see highlights of Dallas' tour.

"I love everything about Elvis," Dallas said as she entered The King's famous home. "I grew up with my dad singing karaoke to Elvis. We came about two years ago with our sons, and all we got to do was stand outside in front of the gate, 'cause it was closed."

But Dallas and her husband, Leonard, got inside the gate this time.

"As Elvis would say, I'm all shook up," Annette said to Kevin Kern, a Graceland staffer who showed Annette and Leonard around in the special access tour few visitors ever get.

The living room has a 15-foot couch. "This is the way it was during much of Elvis' life here at Graceland," Kern told Annette and Leonard. Elvis bought Graceland in 1957.

"To me," Annette said, "it's like I can feel Elvis being here. It's awesome."

But Graceland isn't just a museum, notes The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler. When family members, such as Lisa Marie Presley, are in town, they still use the house to entertain.

"To this day," Kern says, "they still come here on a fairly regular basis to have dinner with other family members who live here in Memphis. So they come back and hang out."