Create The Matrix "bullet time" effect on the cheap

(CBS News) The year was 1999 and audiences everywhere were blown away by an action-packed, science-fiction film by the name of The Matrix. And while the dizzying array of effects employed in the film pushed the boundaries of filmmaking, one item in particular stood out: bullet time! (Seriously, just how cool was seeing that for the very first time!) Sadly, access to the resources used don't come cheap and so it largely remains a device for big-budget studios... or does it?

The video was created and submitted to us by faithful friend and fan of The Feed (and NASA engineer, too!), Mark Roberwho has been featured on here a few times now, and who writes about his latest work demonstrating how to create the effect on the cheap:

A simple trick to get awesome Matrix-like "Bullet Time" footage for waaaaay less money than most people spend on it with huge camera arrays.
I shot all off this footage with a GoPro Hero 3 at 240 fps. NO TWIXTOR!!!... but I did you use After Effects smooth motion thing in parts which is pretty much the same thing... it just seems like writing NO TWIXTOR is like a badge of honor for slow mo videos for some reason so I wanted to put it.
In case you missed it, let me reemphasize: "NO TWIXTOR!" (Your blogger here has no clue what that means, but it definitely sounds badge of honor-worthy.) Can I just say how lucky we are to have such amazing fans submit their work to us, and am happy to highlight this instructional using a ceiling fan and GoPro camera in order to pass the savings and knowledge on to you. Just saying. And to check out more work great work by Mark Roberbe sure to see our previous posts on him by clicking here or you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.