Create and Share a Resume in Minutes with CeeVee

Do you keep your resume locked up inside a Word document? How 20th-century. Web service CeeVee helps you build a polished-looking resume and then share it online via Facebook, Twitter, and other methods.

To get started with CeeVee, you provide an e-mail address and password, choose a personalized Web address (such as, then start crafting your resume in a dead-simple interactive form.

Enter your name and any other personal information you want to share. Type a summary and a list of your skills. Then move on to your experience. Assuming you have all your information at your disposal, you could realistically whip together the whole thing inside of 15 minutes.

CeeVee lets you add more sections (such as hobbies and awards) if you want them, remove sections you don't want, and reorder them to your liking -- all with just a few clicks. Browser-based tools don't get any easier than this.

When you're done, you can print your resume, save it as a PDF, or mark it "public" for online sharing. Prospective employers can view your resume on the Web (using the aforementioned personalized URL) or connect to it via Facebook and Twitter. CeeVee also supplies "badge" embed codes you can copy to your blog or other site.

There are countless other resume-building tools out there, but CeeVee scores major points for speed and simplicity. If you need to whip up a Web-friendly resume fast, this is the service for you. Oh, and did I mention it's free? [via Web Worker Daily]

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