Craigslist Killer Case: Suspect Dies, What Happens Now?

Craigslist Killer Case: Suspect Dies, What Happens Now?
Phillip Markoff (AP Photo, file)

BOSTON (CBS/WBZ) The accused Craigslist Killer, Philip Markoff, wrote the final chapter in the criminal case against him with his apparent suicide inside a Boston jail cell this weekend.

The family of Julissa Brisman will never face her accused killer in court and legal experts say the case has died with him.

The widely publicized case was scheduled to go to trial in March of 2011. But the state cannot prosecute a dead man.

According to WBZ legal analyst Jennifer Ronan, the murder charges against Markoff will ultimately be dismissed.

Ronan said it will potentially take several months, but Markoff will not have a conviction on his record. Instead, it will reflect the charges being dropped.

The Brisman family could potentially seek a civil suit, but there has been no comment from the family to that effect.

Markoff was accused of luring Brisman to the Marriott Copley Place in April 2009, by answering her ad in the erotic services section of Craigslist. Brisman was found bound and shot in the chest in a hotel room. Brisman's attorney said the family wants the U.S. Attorney's office to look into the New Hampshire gun store that sold Markoff the 9-mm gun allegedly used to kill Julissa Brisman. His fingerprints were found on another man's id, which was used in the weapon's purchase.

Markoff was found in his Nashua Street Jail cell Sunday with a plastic bag over his head, and bleeding from a sliced artery in his leg, reports CBS affiliate WBZ.

An official cause of death has not been released.

Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy is calling for an independent review into how Markoff was able to kill himself while in custody.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral, whose department oversees the jail, has refused comment.

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