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Courteney Cox Split Comes Amid Success of "Cougar Town"

The cast of Cougar Town. (ABC/Randy Holmes)

NEW YORK (CBS) Courteney Cox's marriage may be headed for divorce court, but her sitcom "Cougar Town" has proved to be a ratings winner for ABC. 

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News of Courteney Cox's separation from her husband of 11 years, actor David Arquette, was announced this week, just as her show is beginning its second season on a high note.

Many of her famous pals have dropped in to engage with Cox. The season started with a guest star turn by Jennifer Aniston. Just last week, David Arquette visited Cox on the set of her show, snapping pictures that he posted on the Internet, according to People magazine.

"Courteney's 'Cougar Town' dressing room. The girl's got style," Arquette wrote on his Twitter page last Friday, adding a picture of the room.

The episode with  Aniston, who starred with Cox on "Friends,"  drew considerable ratings for the new fall season, with reports that 8.3 million viewers tuned in to see the off-camera "Friends" on-screen again, according to the Hollywood Reporter

You'd even think a "bad title" would dissuade viewers from tuning into the well-written, sharply acted series. Not so. The New York Post reported that not only did Courteney Cox mock it on  "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the producers of the show, themselves, willingly poke fun at the kitschy, off-putting title writing "(Still) Cougar Town" and "Badly Titled Cougar Town" during the show's opening credits for season two.