Couple rebuilds their marriage after amnesia

The romance of Joan and Scott Bolzan was All-American. A football player and a gymnast, they fell in love as teenagers, and were college sweethearts.

"At 18, he was the big man on campus. It was fun to be with this big, secure guy, and he was a lot of fun with me," Joan said. "I just appreciated his humor, strength and courage."

After playing two years in the NFL, Scott married Joan and they welcomed two children, Grant and Taylor. He worked as a pilot and founded an aviation company, providing the family with a comfortable lifestyle.

But three years ago, a freak fall in a workplace bathroom erased Scott's entire lifetime of memories. Trauma to his head caused retrograde amnesia -- his football career, his family and his 25 year marriage were forgotten.

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He doesn't remember meeting his wife for the first time, his wedding day or the births of his children. Scott lost the meaning of simple words. Joan lost the man she'd married.

Scott may never regain his old memories, but they're making new memories, and falling in love all over again.

CBS News contributor Lee Woodruff went through a similar situation. Her husband, ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff, recovered from a brain injury he received from an IED while reporting in Iraq.

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