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Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office finds audio files of 1993 interview with Corey Feldman

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has found audio recordings audio recordings of its interview with Corey Feldman in 1993. Previously, Feldman said on "The Dr. Oz Show" in November that he told the sheriff's office he was sexually assaulted in 1993, when he was questioned as part of an investigation into Michael Jackson (whom Feldman maintains never harmed him). At the time the show aired, the office said they had no record of Feldman's accusations. 

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The sheriff's office now says they did find audio recordings of Feldman's interview, though they did not reveal further details, adding that they are unable to comment further because the case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child. 

In a statement to CBS News, the office said, "Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff's Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation. In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff's Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman's interview was located."

The sheriff's office said that the recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD did not immediately comment at the time this story was published. In November, Oz and Feldman called the LAPD on air to report the accusations. 

"They are going to do an interview with me when I get back to Los Angeles," Feldman said at the time. "However, they did give me the warning that based on the statute of limitations, they can only open an investigation, but they cannot promise that it will be prosecuted." 

Feldman has been trying to raise $10 million to make a documentary about pedophiles in Hollywood. He has already named two men he claims abused him. On "The Dr. Oz Show," Feldman named former co-star Jon Grissom and showed his photo on air, claiming the man sexually assaulted him in the 1980s. He also told Megyn Kelly on "Today" that former child talent manager and convicted sex offender Marty Weiss was one of his former abusers.

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