Cops: Suspect vomited in taxi, then stole it

We've heard this tale one too many times. You play games, text and talk on the phone while you're in the back of a cab. When that cab stops, you rummage to pay for your fare, but might leave your phone behind in the process. The next thing you know, the cab drives off but you can't even recall the license plate number, unable to identify to authorities where your phone was lost. Chance of recovery: 0 to 50 percent

SACRAMENTO Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly vomited in a taxi cab before stealing it.

According to CBS station KOVR in Sacramento, Calif., a taxi driver picked up a man and a woman around 1 a.m. on Sunday and drove them to a downtown Sacramento location. The male passenger proceeded to throw up in the cab.

The police told the Sacramento Bee that the driver pulled over to argue with the suspect, and the two began to fight in the car. They then stepped outside the vehicle and continued to fight. The woman got out of the cab and paid cash for the ride.

That's when the suspect jumped into the driver's seat and drove off. The woman ran once she realized what happened.

The California Highway Patrol found the car later on Sunday, but has not located the thief.

Police described the suspect as an Asian American male in his late 30s with a thin build.