Cops say kayaker lied, shot himself - twice

Bodkin Creek in Maryland, where a kayaker claimed he'd been shot while stargazing - a claim authorities determined was a lie

CBS Baltimore

PASADENA, Md. - Authorities say a kayaker was lying when he told them he was shot by someone at a party at the Maryland shore, reports CBS Baltimore.

Instead, they say, the kayaker shot himself.

Police with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) say David Seafolk-Kopp, 56, of Reston, Va., claimed he was shot while stargazing in Bodkin Creek on April 12. He reportedly said he drifted for hours before finding his way back to the dock of the home he was visiting.

Anne Arundel County Police, alongside DNR officers, reportedly searched above and below water looking for any evidence that would lead them to the gunman.

But, now, police are saying it turns out the "victim" was also the shooter.

"Just as any gunshot wound, it's standard that they take gunpowder residue on his hands. They did a swab of his hands, and that takes some time to come back. We did get back a positive result from his hands," Sgt. Brian Albert with the DNR said.

DNR officials say when officers showed up to Seafolk-Kopp's home to initiate a search warrant, he opened the door and it was evident that he had shot himself again - this time in the face and torso, reports the station.

Seafolk-Kopp is in the hospital in critical condition, according to CBS Baltimore.

Police say the man owns several guns, which were confiscated. It is unclear if he will face charges.

"We'll be working with Anne Arundel County State's Attorney to determine if any charges are appropriate or not," Albert said.