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Cool Shades For Hot Weather

Sure, you're supposed to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. But the fact is that most of us buy them simply because they look really cool.

And sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory this season.

Rene Soltis of the Vision Council of America

to co-anchor Rene Syler on The Early Show Monday.


Brightly colored plastics sunglasses make a statement this summer in fun colors and designs. Anyone can wear these frames. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to help you find the design that best fits your personality.

Top color picks include red, orange, blue and green. A new twist on colors is translucent frames, which provide a "barely-there" look in sunglasses. Also big are bold white frames and black frames.

Patterns add fun to sunglasses. Hot looks this summer include polka dots, stripes, tiny logos, Pucci-inspired and animal prints. Split temples and cutouts also add unique patterns to the frames. Frames with patterns are good for those with square-shaped faces because they bring the attention up from the jaw line.

Women with very small faces are wearing extremely oversized frames. This look is more for the trend than actually fitting the right size for your face. The good thing about Big & Bolds is that they come in different size frames. If you do have a smaller face and you prefer to wear a Big & Bold frame, then choose one of the smaller frames out of this group. You don't want a pair of sunglasses that take up over half of your face!


This is the classic statement piece. These frames differ from Big & Bold because of the shape of the frame. Wraps extend past the eye to the temple; this style "wraps" around the face. And the one-piece shields have a modern look and are often partially rimmed or rimless and come in a wide range of tints. Temple accents and logos can make these sunglasses glamorous.

Shields & Wraps are primarily worn in black and brown tones, which make them sleeker and sexier than the Big & Bold frames. They have a more formal look to them, making them perfect for more formal attire.

Even though big is in, we need to be sure not to purchase frames that are actually falling or sliding off the face. Make sure to keep in proportion with your face shape to achieve the best fit. When trying on a pair of sunglasses, you should make sure there's no more than an index finger's width between your face and the frame. If there's too much space, the frame will slide down your face. If there's too little space and the frame is pinching your face, the frames will be too tight.

If you're wearing larger frames such as the big aviators and wrap styles, you might want to use nose pads to that will make sure the frames sit on the bridge of your nose. Finally, the arms of the glasses should lie straight on your temple.

Tip: Never wear your sunglasses as a headband, because that it will stretch out the shape of the frames.


Aviators come in all shapes and sizes this summer, and have been modified to better suit women. Modified looks infuse new life into this classic frame. You'll find aviators that are large and small, rimless, colored plastics and metals. Logos are also subtly incorporated into this season's aviators. Aviators are a good choice for the hard-to-fit heart-shaped face.


There is no mandatory industry standard for UV protection. However, when buying sunglasses, you should always look for a pair with 98-100 percent UVA and UVB protection.


These looks are all the trend right now, so you can find them in upscale stores and in lower-priced retail stores as well.

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