Consumer Reports reveals rankings for mobile devices


(CBS News) Consumer Reports is out with its rankings of the best mobile devices. More than 175 smartphones, tablets and cameras have been put to the test.

Consumer Reports' research includes the products on the market they've tested, some survey data and trends, and expert advice on how best to utilize these gadgets effectively to simplify your "mobile life."

Consumer Reports: 8 trends in mobile devices

Paul Reynolds, electronics editor for Consumer Reports, shared the results on "CBS This Morning":

Best smartphone on the market

The rankings for smartphones were broken up between the four major carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T), and the No. 1-rated phone across all four was carriers was the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The rankings for the phones varied according to carrier, but Samsung Galaxy S4 was the unanimous No. 1.

Samsung Galaxy S4

- Price: $150-$200
- Ranked 1st across call cell carriers
- Highlights: 5-inch display, screen responds to gestures

So how does the Apple iPhone 5 rank comparatively?

The iPhone 5 is very strong in the category, ranking between 4 to 6, depending on the carrier. Where the iPhone excels is in image quality and web browsing. Reynolds said all the top phones have excellent cameras but Apple excels over other phones when it comes to apps and other content it provides, such as music.

Apple iPhone 5

- Price: $150-$200
- Ranked 4th-6th, depending on cell carrier
- Highlights: Compact size, excellent photos

Best tablets

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (for top 7-to-8-inch-screen tablets)

- Price: $400
- Size: 8-inch display
- Highlights: features a pen stylus, voice recognition

Apple iPad Mini (for top 7-to-8-inch-screen tablets)

- Price: $330
- Size: 7.9-inch display
- Highlights: Apps and content unrivaled, long battery life

Google Nexus 10 (for 9-12-inch-screen tablets)

- Price: $400
- Size: 10.1-inch display
- Highlights: lightweight, low cost

Best camera value on the market

Nikon Coolpix L610

- Price: $150
- Highlights: wide-angle zoom, good low-light quality

Watch Paul Reynolds' full "CTM" appearance in the video above.