Constance McMillen faces Facebook Backlash as her Classmates Ridicule her Online

"Secret" Prom. (Personal Photo)

JACKSON, Miss. (CBS) Apparently humiliating Constance McMillen, the lesbian teen who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom, by sending her to a decoy prom while her classmates partied elsewhere, wasn't enough for some of her fellow students. Irate over having their original prom canceled - and blaming Constance - they started a facebook page called "Constance quit yer cryin."

While many of the early posts have been pulled by their authors, a few websites seem to have been able to grab them before they disappeared. The first post reportedly read "Seriously, you've pretty much eff'd up your fellow classmate's best memory of High School."

Constance McMillan (AP/Rogelio V. Solis)

Another post defends the phony prom, saying the students were exercising their free expression rights and wanted a "drama-free" prom "without the main cause" of said drama. The poster also wrote that the majority of the student body felt McMillan had "thrown the school board under the bus."

The page has since been taken over by Constance's supporters, who have flooded the wall with supportive posts chastising the page's creators, and some of the early commenters.

But hate is hate, and some of Constance's "supporters" seem to be perpetrating the kind of hateful speech and sentiments they showed up to condemn. One message reads, "The fact that this group exists is the reason I support abortion." Other messages apparently included death threats.

Ah, the Internet, bringing out the best in everyone!

But one of Constance's cooler-headed supporters posted a message Constance reportedly posted on her personal page in response to the backlash against her classmates: "I just want the negativity to stop because I try to be respectful and positive...please tell all you friends to get the word out."

McMillen seems to understand that this kind of backlash against the backlash against the backlash is a self-defeating enterprise.

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