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Conservative group launches $2.5 million ad campaign pushing GOP on tax reform

A conservative group on Wednesday launched a $2.5 million TV ad campaign in 24 congressional districts, urging Congress to pick up the pace on tax reform.

American Action Network's Middle-Class Growth Initiative is running the ad campaign, in conjunction with a previously announced $1 million radio campaign, in districts across the country with Republican members in Congress -- including in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's Wisconsin district. Congressional leaders have indicated that, after multiple attempts to tackle health care reform have failed, they're moving on to taxes. Overhauling taxes, some pundits have argued, may be the GOP's best hope in appeasing the base and passing major legislation before the end of the year.

The AAN ad features Albert Jones, a former Ohio metal worker and father who was laid off because, he explains in the ad, his employer couldn't keep up with foreign competition anymore. Jones laments that America's tax code is outdated, and forces jobs like his overseas.

"I was proud of my job," says Jones in the ad, against the backdrop of a warehouse. "I was middle class, and it meant a better life for my daughter. But with more foreign competition -- I got laid off. America's tax code is so complicated -- we can't be as competitive. Thousands of jobs like mine are lost to places like China. So when I see Congress working to cut taxes for working families, and bring jobs back, I know how that matters. Congress, pass tax reform that brings the middle class back." 

Laid Off by American Action Network on YouTube

In a statement, AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss said his organization is "committed" to standing with American workers to fight for lower tax rates. 

"There are millions of middle class Americans just like Albert who had the dignity of a good-paying job and the ability to provide for his family until our tax code failed to keep up with foreign competition," Bliss said. "We are committed to standing up for Americans who have been left behind by our broken tax code, and sharing real stories to raise awareness on how jobs have fled to countries like China. It's time for Congress to act and defend hard-working Americans and their families across the country."

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