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GOP-aligned group launches initiative to promote tax reform

Republican-aligned advocacy group American Action Network (AAN) is launching a campaign Monday to promote the need for pro-growth tax reform and highlight problems with the current tax code.

The group says it will work to educate Americans about the benefits of tax reform, which is another top priority for congressional Republicans and the White House.

With the House gone on its August recess and the Senate to soon follow, AAN will spend $5 million on the initiative in August. It's kicking off the effort with a $1 million ad campaign in 34 congressional districts. 

The group wants to keep pressure on GOP lawmakers to make sure they continue pursuing an overhaul of the tax code when they return to Capitol Hill.

"America's tax code is hurting you. It's outdated. It's complicated. And it's unfair. Every year, thousands of American jobs are shipped to places like China. Billions of dollars that could have built new factories and created jobs in America… are siphoned off overseas. And every day – working families are under attack. America's tax code is sabotaging our economy," says the 60-second ad.

It's an effort that's been embraced by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who tweeted his praise of the campaign Tuesday. He said that he was "pleased for such allies" like AAN and said he was encouraged by the launch of its Middle Class Growth Initiative. Ryan has long championed reforming tha nation's tax code.

Different versions of the ad then go on to target key members of Congress by name. For example, New Jersey audiences may see messages singling out Rep. Leonard Lance, R-New Jersey, a moderate member of the House Republican Conference.

"But things, are about to change, Congressman Leonard Lance is fighting to cut taxes and make America's tax code simpler, fairer, and pro-growth, Encouraging investment and job creation here, So America's working families see better jobs and higher paychecks. Tell Congressman Leonard Lance to keep fighting for real tax cuts," it continues.

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